Board of Directors, Chairpersons & Associates

April_2005_(baseball) is a 100% volunteer-driven, nonprofit foundation. Therefore, all donations are put toward benefiting a young athlete in need. We thank our board members, directors, committee members, supporters and sponsors for the various resources they provide: their time, effort, energy or money. Help kids play sports.

Founding Board Members:

 Masih_2414_small.jpg attorney_ragland_new.jpg  rudolph.jpg 
Kevin Masih, MS  Lance Ragland, Esq.  James Rudolph, CPA
Founder & President  Co-Founder & Vice President  Co-Founder & Treasurer
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Associate Advocate Members: 

 Sloan.jpg tietig.jpg  joel.jpg 
 Richie Sloan
 Kris Tietig  Joel Chimelis
  Mary Jo Tietig  
CoachWise1.JPG keri_ragland.jpg aIDA.jpg
Craig D. Wise  Keri Ragland Aida Campbell
barb.JPG  Murphey_small.jpg
 Phil Fichthorn Taj Murphy William "Bud" Oliver
 Barb Fichthorn    
roy.jpg matt.jpg cherry.jpg
Roy Bova Matt Tanzillo  Cherry Masih




levenson.jpg  rick_oswald.jpg  sam.jpg
Dan Levenson   Rick Oswald  Sam Dongilli


 Committee Members:

Berry.jpg nopicture.jpg nopicture.jpg
Berry Villegas    
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