HKPS Donates $500 to CF Gliders in Memory of Mark Daniel Adamczyk


Kevin Masih, president of (HKPS) announced today that the Central Florida Gliders recently received a donation of $500 for the 8th consecutive year. This donation is made possible by donations in memory of Mark Daniel Adamczyk (pictured above). Mark was an avid sports fan. The funds were given to help waive fees for deserving kids who want to participate in track or cross country, but are finding it difficult to pay. Founded in 1989 by Craig Wise, the Gliders are an Altamonte Springs nonprofit Track & Field/Cross Country Club serving young athletes in our area.

The Gliders and Gliders' alumni have achieved success in local, state, national, and international competition and is open to boys and girls age 9 and older. The club is run by volunteer coaches, assistants and parents. For more information, go to