HKPS Looking for New Leadership

January 30, 2024--The founders and trustees of, Inc (HKPS) have announced that they are looking for new volunteers to act as trustees of HKPS to navigate the public charity for future years. While our donation page will still accept donations, we are currently on hiatus as we look for a passionate individual to guide HKPS in the future. Any donations made after 1/30/24 will be held until future trustees are positioned. For over 10 years (2013-2024), HKPS has raised and donated over $50,000 to help local children participate in sports. If you are passionate about helping under funded kids play sports and are interested in guiding HKPS in future years, please email us at [email protected] 

We thank all whom have supported our cause helping hundreds upon hundreds of local kids kids stay in the game.

Kevin Masih, Founder & President

Lance Ragland, Co-Founder and Vice President

James Rudolph, Co-Founder and Treasurer