Inaugural Badminton & Table Tennis Fundraiser a Success

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 L to R: Table Tennis Champ, Patrick Frandji, Kevin Masih (Founder of, Maneesh Gossain, Runner-Up.

L to R: Hendry, Rob & Robert from ClearOne Badminton Center. This FUNdraiser made possible because of their generosity.

Nearly 50 people showed up this past Sunday to have some fun while supporting the cause. All proceeds from the event will go to various youth sports organizations in Northeast Orlando to help kids play sports who can't afford participation fees. Special thanks to Rob Bentley and the folks at ClearOne Badminton Center.

Participants enjoyed an evening of badminton and table tennis as well as some friendly competition. "Oohhs" and "Aahhs" were heard from the crowd when the ClearOne badminton professional, Hendry Winarto,  gave a demo on what competitive badminton looks like.

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HKPS_Tom.JPG HKPS_Table_tennis.JPG

Many commented at what a great family activity badminton was--very easy for all ages and levels to have a great time. Be sure to check out ClearOne's drop-in hours should you want to get some play time in.

The table tennis participants were greeted by Hung Tran, the Central Florida Table Tennis president and given updates on rules, serving techniques as well as upcoming tournaments.

Thank you to the following HKPS Associates in attendance; Phil & Barb Fichthorn, Tammy Weiser, Tibor Bako and Cherry Masih. Thank you ClearOne and participants (in particular Coach Giambalvo and the Lake Howell Varsity Baseball team) for helping our event come alive!

Stay tuned for information our next FUNdraiser!

ClearOne Badminton ORLANDO
4141 N John Young Parkway
Orlando, FL, 32804, USA
Tel: (407) 730-3596


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